Selected articles that cover topics of interest for anyone interested in accessibility issues.

CSR, ROI and other TLA’s

By Dr. Vivienne Conway, Web Key IT, 1st October 2019

At Web Key IT we have a few things that are tremendously important to us as a business. While we are a corporate entity, we exist to make life a little better for people who might struggle in our progressively digital society.

We have a very strong commitment to people living with issues that affect their ability to interact with digital services such as websites, applications and documents they need to access. I do quite a lot of public speaking because I made a commitment to myself to never turn down an opportunity to speak up for the rights of people with disabilities if I can possibly accommodate it. Read more here

Crowdsourcing the Web Key IT way

By Amanda Mace, Web Key IT, 12th December 2017

Have you ever wondered out how to use a crowd of experts to solve a difficult technical problem?  Check out the latest article to see how we used crowd-sourcing to solve a problem with ARIA that confused all the experts.  We all learned some valuable lessons, not least of all, the benefit of getting together with like-minded people. Read about how we crowd-sourced here!

A good red 

A good red is worth finding be it wine for your table or in this case, text for your website. Red text is used for lots of things including highlighting new items, warnings, reminders of missing entries and asterisks to show that information is required. Read more about accessible red values.


Roger Hudson, 22 November, 2011. 

Accessibility Barrier Scores.

WebAIM - Web Accessibility in Mind 

Survey results.  “This year’s screenreader survey by WebAIM contains really important information about how people use screen-readers.  It seems the usage of free or low-cost software is increasing while the use of high-cost options is decreasing.  The survey includes information about the percentage of users who are accessing screen-readers on mobile devices as well as the issues that cause users the most problems”. Take a look at the latest survey results: WebAim Survey