Prepare to unlock the web for everyone with our accessibility training

Web accessibility is a legal requirement, but it is also courteous and inclusive, and it makes good business sense. With our training, we can help you make your website and digital resources more inclusive.

For information about our training options, detailed course outlines and upcoming training events please email us at Web Key IT.

This is probably the only certificate from a work training course that I actually want to have displayed somewhere at my desk!

Leah Napier
Reader Services Librarian - Spearwood/Cockburn Libraries


As a researcher, I’ve found myriad documents, best practises, and guidelines for web accessibility but the course provides the opportunity to practise many of them. The step from theory to practise is fundamental to correctly understand the implications of some decisions on web design. Being able to test websites under different user’s conditions and tools opened my eyes to many difficulties and inaccessible features that were hidden before. I am a more confident expert in web accessibility after the course. I totally recommend the course to anyone interested to improve their web accessibility skills.

Claudia De Los Rios Perez
PhD Candidate, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, School of Earth and Planetary Sciences- Curtin University