Web Accessibility Camp - 22 July 2015

Each year the Perth Accessibility community puts on a web accessibility camp.  This year’s camp will be held at Bankwest in Perth city on July 22nd.  The website is now live and ready to accept registrations : http://pwac.com.au/.

The cost is just $29.95 and is strictly limited to 150 participants.  We will be having Graeme Innes, AM as our keynote speaker (he was the previous Disability Discrimination Commissioner for the Australian Human Rights Commission).  We have also received word that  Hans Hillier, a Distinguished Accessibility Engineer from the Paciello Group will also be speaking at the camp.  Many people in the accessibility community are familiar with the Paciello Group as they produce a number of free accessibility tools we all use – the Web Accessibility Toolbar and also the Colour Contrast Analyser.  Hans will be speaking on “A11Y, The Next Generation”. This session covers some of the most pressing challenges the accessibility community faces in today’s Web, compared to the more “traditional” problems we were facing 10 years ago. Amongst other topics, RWD (Responsive Web Design), font icons, and SPAs (Single Page Applications) will be discussed.

The day is geared to anyone interested in website accessibility from website developers, and IT professionals to those newly interested in the field – there is sure to be something of interest for all.  Speakers are mainly from the Perth community which is kept  low-key being of the ‘unconference’ variety with loads of audience participation.

Please feel free to circulate this information to your contacts.  We very much hope to see you there on the day.