The Two Surveys: Reach and Response Rates

Survey 1: Perceptions

The organisational survey received responses from 42 organisations which comprise a cross-section of organisational classifications including: government (19.05%), not-for-profit (11.9%), commercial (40.48%), academic (11.9%) and other (11.9%) (Figure 3).

Figure 3: Classification of Organisations Responding

Of the organisations who responded, over 90% stated that digital accessibility was important to their organisation.

Survey 2 – Expectations

The survey was open to any individual and had a global response. Both surveys were sent via numerous channels internationally. For the user survey, approximately 40% of the responses came from Australia. There were 83 respondents in total with the major groups being from:

  • Australia 41%
  • North America – 33%
  • Europe – 14%
  • Others – New Zealand, UK, Asia, Middle and South America, Middle East

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