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Who are we?

We are digital accessibility specialists located in Western Australia.  Our aim is to assist organisations in ensuring that access to their digital resources meets the internationally recognised WCAG 2.0 standard.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technical accessibility auditors, trainers and consultants who provide services to ensure your websites and other digital resources meet the current legally required standards.

It makes good business sense to ensure your website is not only WCAG 2.0 compliant, but is accessible to all potential clients and empowers all users. 

Web Key IT:

  • is now a full member of the W3C, one of only about ten in Australia;
  • provides accessibility consulting, technical assessment, user testing, auditing and accreditation, training and remedial assistance and
  • provides a remediation service for existing web-based documents, including PDF, and Microsoft documents to ensure accessibility.

We also call on the services of our strategic partner, DAC (Digital Accessibility Centre), for user testing when required by clients.

Introducing our management team..

Dr Vivienne Conway - Director

Vivienne leads our team of passionate accessibility specialists and is an internationally-recognised expert and speaker. She was one of the judges of the Australian Web Industry Association awards for a number of years, principally judging the nominated websites for accessibility. In addition, she regularly presents at conferences and forums about digital accessibility both in Australia and Internationally. In 2017, she was the co-General Chair of the Web For All (W4A) Conference held in Perth, Western Australia.

She is an active member of the W3C and has participated on several of the working groups for the past seven years. Particularly applicable to website accessibility, Vivienne was one of the members of the W3C task force which created the WCAG Evaluation Methodology (WCAG-EM). Web Key IT Pty Ltd is a full member of the W3C, one of only ten member organisations in Australia.

Read more about Dr Vivienne Conway.

Amanda Mace - Project Manager

Amanda is Project Manager at Web Key IT and a Senior Website Analyst. Her role involves providing accessibility consultation, training, website and document auditing, document remediation and project management. She has been a presenter at both the OZeWAI conference and the Perth Accessibility Camp, as well as conducting various other presentations. Amanda is also a member of two W3C working groups, the Accessibility Guidelines Working Group and the Education and Outreach Working Group.

Dr Jan Ring - Learning and Development Manager

Jan has over 40 years’ experience in education and information technology. She has worked with online learning at tertiary and corporate levels, developing learning programmes and coaching online. Her experience includes two years in the corporate world of Singapore where she was a Director at an international eLearning company which focused on developing and delivering bespoke eLearning programmes for Fortune 500 companies. She is particularly interested in how people successfully interact with computers and the creation of accessible user environments.

Emma Murray - Administrator

Emma is the Administrator at Web Key IT. She manages the Accounts, Payroll, Human Resources, Marketing and is the Personal Assistant to Vivienne. She comes from an administrative background, working in this field for the past ten years. She assists with all the day-to-day running of Web Key IT and keeping us all in check! If you contact Web Key IT for any reason there is a good chance you’ll speak to her.