Top Accessibility Tips

What is Digital Accessibility and Why is it Important?

Digital accessibility is the inclusive practice of ensuring digital products like software, mobile apps, websites, and documents can be easily navigated and understood by people of all abilities.

The digital world brings people and information together. The constantly evolving nature of technology can present challenges and barriers for people with disabilities. Luckily, there are strategies for ensuring the design, functionality, and content of digital products and services are available and inclusive for all and are accessible and compliant to the latest accessibility standards.

Driving Motivation for Accessibility

  1. To improve the lives of people with disabilities
  2. To capitalize on a wider audience or consumer base
  3. To avoid lawsuits and/or bad press

Our Top Tips

Provide Alt Text for Images

Images for those who use assistive technology need to have descriptive and meaningful text alternatives.
Whether it is a mobile app, a webpage, a document, or software, understanding the importance of describing informative images for users can’t be understated

Headings and Structure

Headings provide structure to a page, screen or document. They are often in a larger and bold font which visually helps readers find the area on the page they want to read or use. Someone who relies on assistive technology relies on these headings being available programmatically as well. Using the right ‘code’ will ensure this.

Colour Contrast

Regular sized text needs a colour contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1, while for large text the ratio required is 3:1. Informative icons, user interface components, borders for input fields, graphical objects or if colour alone is used to portray information all require contrast of at least 3:1 with the background.

Keyboard Access

Keyboard accessibility means that every interactive element is accessible via a keyboard without using a mouse or a trackpad. Using the ‘Tab’ key you should be able to navigate and interact with those elements.

PDF/UA Validation Tools

GrackleGO is free and validates documents against the PDF/UA standard, assuring that documents are not only accessible but also compliant with global accessibility regulations.

About GrackleDocs

GrackleDocs Inc. (Grackle) is a pioneering software and services company dedicated to enhancing digital accessibility. At the heart of our mission lies a commitment to ensuring that digital content is easily accessible and navigable for everyone, regardless of any physical or cognitive disabilities.
Our mission is to create strategies and tools to help ensure all forms of digital content are accessible. Through our propriety products and industry expertise, we help organisations of all sizes build and implement sustainable strategies to ensure their clients can engage with their content in a barrier-free way.


Grackle Top Accessibility Tips