Who are we?

We are digital accessibility specialists currently located in Perth, Western Australia, which services Australia, and Kuwait City, Kuwait, which services the Gulf Cooperation Council area, but we continue to grow and expand internationally. We aim to assist organizations in ensuring that access to their digital resources meets the internationally recognized WCAG standard.

We have a team of highly skilled and experienced technical accessibility auditors, trainers, and consultants who provide services to ensure your websites and other digital resources meet the current legally required standards.

It makes good business sense to ensure your website is not only WCAG compliant but is accessible to all potential clients and empowers all users. 

In July 2021, ADWebKey (aka Web Key IT) was acquired by AbleDocs GLOBAL. We are proud to be a part of the AbleDocs family, as part of the ADWeb offerings. 


  • is a full member of the W3C
  • provides accessibility consulting, technical assessment, user testing, auditing and accreditation, training, and remedial assistance and
  • provides a remediation service for existing web-based documents, including PDF, and Microsoft documents to ensure accessibility.

Amanda Mace - Vice President of Australasia for AbleDocs


Portrait Amanda Mace

Amanda Mace is AbleDocs' Vice President for Australasia. In this role, she manages the Australasia office while growing and promoting the AbleDocs brand across the region. She's also one of only two Australian-based W3C evangelists and the W3C Australian Western Region office manager.

When it comes to accessibility, Amanda believes that innovation with accessibility built into it can provide immense opportunities for people with disabilities in security, independence, and privacy. She advocates that it's everyone's job to do their bit to remove barriers so everyone can have equal access and equal opportunity to the digital world.

Amanda is certified by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) as a Certified Professional. Before joining Team AbleDocs, Amanda was the General Manager of Web Key IT. In addition, she co-authored a book chapter for the textbook, "Web Accessibility A Foundation for Research," as well as the white paper entitled, "Digital Accessibility: Perceptions, Expectations and Reality."

Outside of work, Amanda loves to spend time with her husband and three children. She's also an avid reader, history lover, runner, and huge sports fan, especially when it comes to Australian Rules Football. 

You can find Amanda on LinkedIn , Twitter, or follow her updates on our Facebook Page.

Our Analysts

Website Analyst Team

Website compliance requires auditors, and our team of Website Analysts is trained in how to test for each Success Criteria in Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Our team provides you with an expert evaluation of your digital products against accessibility guidelines and standards. Our rigorous testing process delivers accurate and reliable accessibility audits.

Usability Analyst Team

Usability Testing is a fundamental part of ensuring digital products are accessible and user-friendly for people of varying abilities. Our team of Usability Testers is accessibility experts with extensive knowledge of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Each User Tester has a different type of disability and is a trained professional in the use of their assistive technology, which they rely on every day. Their report will provide you with inspiration, guidance, and validation.

Our Trainers and Consultants

ADWebKey’s experience can resource and equip your staff to lead others in your organization and meet digital accessibility objectives.  Our consultants are senior accessibility professionals who can partner with you as you either develop new websites or remediate existing websites to be truly accessible.  They are also able to help you adopt the Digital Accessibility Maturity Model concept to determine your organization-wide approach to accessibility and look at ways to optimize the services you provide to your users.

Our Kuwait Team

Muhammed Saleem- Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Office Manager

Muhammad has a Masters’ Degree in Computer science from Australia and has worked with the former Director of Web Key IT for several years, sharing the passion for making all digital materials (and all other services in our country) accessible for people with disabilities and also seniors. Muhammad’s thesis on the state of accessibility of e-government services is available at Accessibility of e-Government Websites in the Middle East and forms the basis for understanding the need to improve accessibility throughout the GCC Region. Muhammad is now the GCC office manager for the new W3C Office which is located at the same location as the Web Key IT GCC Office. He would be more than pleased to discuss your accessibility needs and the services of the GCC Office of Web Key IT as well as help you with W3C inquiries.

Image of 7 members of the Kuwait team, smiling