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Web Key IT Certificate in Digital Accessibility


This certificate level program covers all major aspects of Digital accessibility over 5 one day sessions on consecutive weeks. An organisation that fills all 5 days qualifies for an organisational certificate.  An individual for takes all 5 days qualifies for a personal certificate and, if they are an ACS member, they also gain professional points. Discussions are taking place for this certificate to gain recognition at a tertiary level.

The 5 week course is made up of course modules that are all self-standing so an organisation may buy the whole 5 weeks but send different people to individual days.  For example: technical people to technical days and content people to document days.  This also allows for a day course (or set of days, or a half day) to be offered as a stand-alone course for a client at any time even though that client has not taken up the full 5 week package.

Course outcomes

During the course, participants will prepare a Digital Accessibility Action Plan for their organisation and conduct an initial high level review of the organisation’s digital resources (web & documents) under the guidance and support of WebKeyIT’s accessibility experts.

For organisations that send a team of people, those participants can become an in-house digital accessibility working group.

The 5-week course program

  • Introduction to Digital Accessibility . This online self-study course of about 15-30 mins duration is taken by all participants prior to coming to any course or Day in a 5 week program.  It only has to be taken once.
  • Day 1: Website accessibility for content authors and developers .  This course includes Testing 01 - Basic as part of its content. 
  • Day 2: Creating accessible documents .  This course also introduces interactive forms but does not go into detail. 
  • Day 3: Screen Readers and Testing 02 – Intermediate.  Testing 02 introduces ARIA and also focuses on keyboard testing.
  • Day 4: Creating Accessible Forms and PDFs.
  • Day 5: Taking Care of Business and Testing 03 – Advanced techniques

For information about our training options, detailed course outlines and upcoming training events please email us at Web Key IT.